About Us

Middle Path Movement ™️ is an Internationally Renowned, Yoga Alliance Registered School.

Our philosophy, our mission, our goal – It is inclusive, which means we are passionate about making our courses a safe space for anyone from any background/culture/age/race/belief system to join, so long as they are happy to share their space with people from different backgrounds. We believe that experience is knowledge and peace comes from understanding and learning from multiple perspectives: we learn from each other and grow with each other which means we could have beginners and we could have advanced practitioners sharing a space together.

Whilst our main lineage of yogic teachings comes from India, which of course we teach a lot about, the Middle Path Philosophy is a Buddhist one, which teaches the path of balance – we guide our students to eliminate extremes and from this mindset – find their own truth, their own path, their own balance. Our mission is to guide our participants to learn to cultivate inner peace and share that peace with others – no matter where they are from


Middle Path Movement™ was founded by Jessica Noifeld, whilst travelling the world in search of Self Healing tools, for an auto immune disease, that she had been diagnosed with as a child.


Sara is a partner of Middle Path Movement and manages our international trainings. Sara’s main priority is to oversee the smooth running of our trainings whilst ensuring that everyone’s individual needs are met.